5 Summer Date Ideas in Mississauga


If you've managed to find a summer love, chances are you'll be going on a lot of dates.

Well, thank god for summer! Because you have a bunch of stuff you can do with you beau.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

5) Go Bird Watching

Surround yourself with nature, grab a pair of binoculars and ensure your phone is well charged to take many pictures! For couples who love to sit in the lap of nature, waiting for a bird to perch then the Armstrong Wild Bird Trek is sure to be up your alley. The Riverwood Conservancy has an impressive list of birds they encounter at their feeders Tree sparrow, woodpeckers, juncos, American goldfinches, screech owls, red-tailed hawks are only some of the birds that you will spot. If you're lucky, you'll chance upon red fox, white-tailed deer and the long-tailed Weasel. Spring and summer months are alive with nesting migrant birds. So, you should start planning your visit soon.

4) Skate Away!

When the last time you strapped on roller-skates and danced to disco? The retro-style date will add some fun to the date as you both sway to a 70s playlist. Scooter's Roller Palace  is still very old-school. And if you want to hang-up your skates, you can also play a game of pool and grab a bite at the snack bar or head out for drinks after.

3) Get Your Game Face On

A classic date in the arcade is the perfect ice-breaker. You can compete or play together and forget all about the awkwardness of dates. Play arcade games at Playdium or drive around in bumper cars. You can also get competitive and try to win a round of laser tag at Laser Quest. You and your date could also put your heads together and solve the puzzles in an escape room.

2) Pretend to Fly a Plane

Head to Threshold Aviation and you don't need to worry about your flying license. Get into the plan simulator, which gives you the whole pilot experience. Your co-pilot (your date, of course) and you can pick what airport to depart from, announce what the weather condition will be like, the time of day et al! There are several one-to-four-hour packages to choose from. And, you can also pick what your view will be.

1) Try Out Paddle Boarding

Does Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) make for a great date? Yes! Take a lesson with The Paddle Coach at Port Credit. You can sign-up for three sessions and learn how to stand up on a paddle board and paddle away. The beautiful views along Lake Promenade are a bonus. And, you can end the date by visiting one of the many cutesy restaurants just of the lake.

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