5 Most-Read St. Catharines new stories of 2022


Published December 26, 2022 at 10:55 am

In six days, it’s another year in the books as we welcome in 2023. But a lot of newsworthy things happened in St. Catharines during 2022. As COVID-19 slowly winds down (but isn’t gone completely), other matters came along to make it an interesting year.

So here’s the Top-5 most-read news stories in 2022 for St. Catharines.


Was this Telsa driver asleep at the wheel as he drove eastbound on the QEW through St. Catharines? Well, one eagle-eyed car passenger filmed him, posted it on Tik Tok and it certainly looks that way. Click on the above link and judge for yourself.

NUMBER TWO: St. Catharines winery sustains heavy damage due to major fire

Towards the end of March, the banquet hall and retail area of Hernder Wines on Eighth Ave Louth and Seventh St. Louth became engulfed in a blazing fire. Firefighters from throughout Niagara Region had to rush to the scene, taking nearly a day to fully extinguish the blaze.

However, also caught in the fire were the products from the Mom Market Collective, who had been using the banquet hall for an event to sell their products. Some 34 vendors were at the market, all of whom lose their goods in the fire. See the headline link for the fully story.

NUMBER THREE: The Haunted building that caught Johnny Carson’s attention!

A building that still stands at 237 Church Street in St. Catharines got some serious attention over 50 years ago after news stories broke about it being haunted.

In fact, it got so much attention that late night TV show host Johnny Carson made a crack about it in his opening monologue one night in 1970.

NUMBER FOUR: That “White Bridge” in St. Catharines

Most residents in St. Catharines are very familiar with the big white Burgoyne Bridge on St. Paul Street West near downtown.

However, while hundreds of cars drive over it daily, it seems not many know of its history. This story was a look back into the past with the various versions of the Burgoyne dating back to the initial one in 1915.

NUMBER FIVE: The QEW between Stoney Creek and St. Catharines remains 110 km/h

What was previously a pilot project became reality for the stretch of the QEW between St. Catharines and Stoney Creek became permanent when the Ontario government announced that as of April 22, the speed on that 42-kilometre run would remain at 110 km/h.

Ontario Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney announced an additional five pieces of highway in the province would also be pushed up to 110 km/h.


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