5 Holiday Pet Peeves in Mississauga

Published December 8, 2015 at 2:45 am


5 – Jam packed public transit:

If you are stuck taking the bus during the holiday season you will notice a few things:
1. They are jam packed. 
2. They are filled with slush that will wreck your fly new Timberlands. 
3. There are more people than usual that might not be exactly…sober. 
The combination of all three can lead to tempers flaring, so let’s try to avoid any scenes that could end up on WORLD STAR Hip Hop. Again.

4 – Crowds at Square One buying small panties:

If there’s one thing you can count on during the Christmas season, it’s Square One being flooded with people trying to get last minute bargains for their loved ones or lovers. 21 million people a year hit this mall and 20 million visit the week before Christmas. You will be bumped, body checked and stuck in line with Mississauga’s finest. I once had to hit Victoria’s Secret on Christmas Eve and it was full of dudes sweating buckets looking for the right size panties for their loved ones. A little advice: just get the gift card, because you know that you’re grabbing the smallest panties possible and that there’s no way they’re going to fit her. You’re doing that because you know how she’ll react if you bring home panties that are too big. So just get the gift card. Trust me. 

3. Parking Nightmares EVERYWHERE:

During the holiday season, you are either trying to avoid a meeting with Diamond & Diamond while navigating through the Oceans parking lot or waiting 35 minutes to park AT YOUR OWN CONDO (Absolute Towers). I would rather sit in the slush on the Dundas bus beside Barney Gumble than deal with parking during the festive season.  

2 – Out of Control Students at Every Club/Bar:

It doesn’t matter if you are getting a certificate in craft beer brewing from Sheridan or you are an exchange student getting a doctorate in molecular science — exams are over and everyone is ready to turn up in the club! As such, all of the regulars head for the hills, as you can count on students wildin’ out until 2 am. 

1 – Pot Luck Party Poopers:

Nothing says the holidays more than the office pot luck. Everyone has to do their part to bring in a delicious treat that others will find tantalizing. I am certain we all have that MOOCH in the office that brings in paper plates while they feast on others home-made biriyani and Nanaimo bars. Such a disgraceful act is inexcusable in Mississauga with the amount of different ethnic grocers around. I mean, you can get a dozen samosas for half the price of a McChicken combo at Dirty Ronnie’s. 


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