5 Free (Or Almost Free) Activities in Mississauga


So, it's almost back to school time. A lot of Sheridan and UTM students are moving into their dorms and apartments, getting ready for another year of lessons about physics, English, psychology, alcohol and life. The hardest life lesson to learn? That everything is so goddamn expensive -- especially when you're on a tight budget.

That said, there's a lot you can do for free or almost free. So, let us help you choose some fun activities in Mississauga that won't cost you anything (or at least not much).

5) Have a Bad Movie Night

Anyone who is anyone likes bad movies -- and by "bad" I mean "so awful they somehow become good." Some prime examples of exceptionally horrific (yet oddly wonderful) movies include Tommy Wiseau's epic drama The Room, James Nguyen's earnest Birdemic: Shock and Terror, the incredible Troll 2 and Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor. While you can screen one of these cinematic clunkers in your living room, you might want a bigger audience. If you live in a condo, your building might have a home theatre that you can rent or reserve for a small fee. Some City Centre condos that boast home theatres include the Capital Condos on Living Arts Drive, Limelight on Prince of Wales and the Absolute condos behind the Marilyn Monroe towers. Take advantage of your home's amenities and wow your friends with some memorable performances and engaging plotlines. They'll appreciate it. I'd suggest bringing drinks, but check with your concierge first.

4) Scour Groupon

If you want a cheap meal, an affordable outfit or a Botox injection that won't break the bank, you need to hit up Groupon and see what deals you can nab. A cursory search of the website's Mississauga deals unearthed a plethora of fun options. If you're adventurous, you can visit Paintball Nation with up to eight friends for $15-$49 depending on party size (that's 89 per cent off regular rates). If you want to go old school, you can bowl at Classic Bowl for $30 for two hours on one lane with up to six friends (shoe rental included). You can also get a Brazilian wax at Haven's Spa for $22 (it's usually $45). The same spa is also offering hot stone massage deals (yes!) at 53 per cent off.

3) Local Tourism

When you live somewhere, you tend to take it for granted and stick to trusted haunts. Mississauga is a big city and one that's fun to browse. If you're not in the mood to spend anything beyond bus fare (or if you can catch a ride from a friend or an affordable Uber), head to Port Credit and enjoy nature walks and window shopping. Stroll along the Port Credit Pier and then walk along the lakefront. If you want to duck into some stores, head into Ric's Recollections on Lakeshore to check out his vast vinyl collection. You don't have to buy anything if you can't swing it -- just enjoy the feel of your favourite artist's super vintage LP in your hands. If you're a Sheridan student who doesn't want to leave City Centre, head to Chapters and browse the books while fantasizing about your future Pottery Barn bookshelves and all the Modern Library Collection classics they'll hold (which will impress your cerebral friends!). If you just want to enjoy some vintage scenery, head over to Streetsville and walk down Queen. You can window shop at some indie boutiques and admire historical houses.

2) Flea Markets

If you're in the mood for very affordable goods, don't hesitate to hit either the Mississauga Flea Market on Mavis or the Dixie/401 Flea Market on Dixie. If you're looking to furnish your dorm or apartment, you can find comfy and durable leather pieces (beer wipes off nice and easy) at the Dixie/401 store and lighting and housewares at either. If you're looking for culturally-specific goods, the Mississauga Flea Market offers Indian, Pakistani and Islamic clothing. It also boasts Filipino and Peruvian stores, multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Caribbean) audio/video products and Chinese goods. You can also buy groceries at either store and shop for some antiques and assorted home decor.

1) Art Galleries

Not only are art galleries excellent places to discover new pieces and bond with likeminded creative types, some of them can be browsed completely free of charge. If you're already in City Centre, walk over to the AGM to check out the temporary and permanent exhibits (for free, no less). If you hit the gallery within the first week of school, you can see the Pan American Photo Exhibition and the Kim Lee Kho Chains Unlinked exhibit. If you're in the Port Credit area, you can also head into the Promenade Gallery on Lakeshore to see both local and international works. 



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