5 Crazy CNE Foods You Can Kinda/Sorta Get In Mississauga


Published August 27, 2016 at 3:36 am


The Canadian National Exhibition (or the CNE) is in full swing and is, as usual, serving customers absolutely disgusting food.

Disgustingly creative, that is.

And, well, in some cases just straight up nasty (but fun!).

If you do plan on hitting up the Ex, you can stuff your daring cheeks with Bug Bistro’s Bug Dog (a hot dog seasoned with mustard crickets), a pulled pork cinnamon roll (apparently that one is pretty good), a Philly Steaklair (a Philly cheese steak combined with an eclair) or a Samurachi sushi burrito.

If that kind of wild life isn’t one you’re interested in living because you prefer to stay local and eat slightly less inventive dishes, you might be pleased to know that there are some Mississauga restaurants that offer reasonable alternatives.

So, if you can’t make it to the CNE this weekend but still want to try some fun food, here are some places you can hit up:

5) Corner for a Sushi Burrito

Alternative to the CNE’s sushi burrito

If you want your sushi serving large, Mississauga has got you covered. Recently, Corner (by Spoon and Fork) opened up in the Dixie and Dundas area and the quick-service resto serves a highly customizable sushi burrito. When building your burrito, you get to pick one protein, four toppings, greens and a sauce, so the choices are almost endless. As far as wild dishes go, the sushi burrito (sizeable as it is) is relatively tame and probably on the healthier side — so it’s a good fit for the diner who wants to take wild food exploration slow.

4) Wow Wow Yum Yum’s Thai Ice Cream Rolls

Alternative to CNE’s Fran’s Blueberry Pie Milkshake

You could go to the CNE to get a blueberry pie milkshake, but you could also go to Wow Wow Yum Yum (best name ever) to get a very cool Thai ice cream roll. The new resto is not only Mississauga’s first Thai ice cream roll shop, it’s also the first in the GTA and possibly Canada (there are only two other ice cream roll shops known in Canada and one is in Montreal and the other in Toronto) where you can try this delicious hand-made ice cream. Thai ice cream rolls are also known as fried ice cream rolls, stir-fried ice cream or ice pan ice cream. It’s certainly different as far as desserts go, so ordering the dish will definitely feel special.

3) These Restos for Deep Fried Mars Bars, Funnel Cakes and More

Alternative to CNE’s Deep Fried Cookie Dough Balls

The CNE is known for crazily caloric desserts, but you don’t have to hop on the Go Train to sample some decidedly unhealthy (but interesting) fare. We actually put together this exceptionally educational Top 5 Popular Sweets rundown for you, so you know where to go when you want deep-fried Nutella (Nader’s), deep-fried Mars bars (Heritage Fish and Chips) and funnel cake (Jopapa’s Pizza and Wings and Burger Factory).

2) A Huge Philly Cheesesteak at Captain Robin’s

Alternative to CNE’s Philly cheese steak eclair

Perhaps you want to have a Philly cheese steak and then go for an éclair, rather than eat the two together. In that case, you can get a fantastic cheese steak at Captain Robin’s — a nice little family resto in Port Credit that’s known for serving huge portions. The Philly is to die for. It was the biggest of its kind on our Top 5 Cheese Steak list and was also the most flavorful — an awesome combination. If you want to grab an éclair afterwards, drive up to Cawthra and hit Nova Bakery.

Or take both to go and have them together.

If you dare.

1)    The Wilcox for a Cool Burger and El Jefe for some Churros

Alternative to CNE’s churro cheeseburger

This year, the CNE is offering a churro cheeseburger and the dish is definitely unique as far as flavor combos go. Fortunately for adventurous eaters, The Works in Port Credit offers a few alternatives to the daring Exhibition treat. If you’re feeling frisky, you can try a Nacho Libre (a burger with tortillas, sour cream, salsa, green onion and four shredded cheeses) or a Gotta Be KD Burger (a burger with cheddar and Kraft Dinner). If you want a sweeter treat, there’s always the Hunka Hunka — a burger with banana, peanut butter and bacon. If you want to end the meal with some churros, walk over to El Jefe and order a few—and a few shots of tequila to wash everything down.

Now, if you want some one-stop shopping, you can get a fab burger and some awesome churros at The Wilcox because they’ve got both.




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