Young coyote rescued after an injury in Mississauga


Published September 8, 2023 at 1:13 pm

coyote rescue mississauga
City of Mississauga photo

A coyote with an injured leg was rescued in Mississauga recently.

Mississauga Animal Services say they received a call for help from parks staff about an injured coyote at Fallingbrook Park in East Credit on the morning of Aug. 25.

An officer responded immediately and when they arrived they found a young coyote, about five to six months old, having trouble walking.

“The officer safely captured the coyote, which was transferred to an accredited wildlife rehabilitation centre,” a post on the City of Mississauga Facebook page reads.

After the coyote is healthy and can be on its own again, it will be released within one kilometre of where it was picked up in accordance with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

Mississauga is home to Eastern coyotes so it’s not uncommon to see them walking on city roads and sidewalks or in parks and natural areas.

Coyote pups are born around the end of March through April. An average litter has four to six coyote pups.

Mississauga Animal Services helps with emergency animal rescue and investigates complaints related to animal care, dog bites or by-laws.

Residents should contact Animal Services if they see an animal that is visibly injured or sick; suffering or in immediate distress; running in traffic or in danger; locked in a hot vehicle; or acting aggressively towards, or biting people or a pet.

If you see a sick or injured animal, call Mississauga Animal Services at 311 or 905-896-5858 and choose option one.

For more information on City of Mississauga emergency animal services and rescues, see the website here.

For more information on coyotes in Mississauga, see the city page here.

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