You’ll Officially Be Able to Buy Legal Cannabis Online in Mississauga Tomorrow


Published October 12, 2018 at 8:49 pm


In just a few hours, you will be able to purchase cannabis online from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

On Oct. 17, cannabis users will finally be permitted to purchase the substance from the OCS’ e-commerce platform.

Cannabis can only be sold to users who are 19 years of age and older.

“The OCS has created a consumer-focused site that prioritizes privacy and promotes responsible consumption. Through partnership with Ontario’s global e-commerce technology company, Shopify, has been developed as an agile site that will deliver an exceptional customer experience, offer a wide variety of products and divert sales from the illegal market,” the OCS wrote in a recent news release.

As for how it will work, users will be able to order cannabis online using any electronic device (and yes, the site is mobile-friendly).

The website will also offer the cannabis connoisseur and easy way to sort through options.

“In order to assist customers in making informed purchasing and consumption decisions, easy-to-use filters will allow customers to sort cannabis products by brand, strain, quantity of THC, quantity of CBD, terpene profile (scent and flavor), plant type and price,” the OCS says.

As far as age verification goes, consumers will be required to fill out their birthdate before and after checkout. When the product is delivered, the recipients age will be verified by a Canada Post delivery agent. 

Shoppers should note that there are limits on how much they can purchase.

“To align with the federal public possession limit of 30 grams, the shopping bag feature on has been developed with a built-in calculator to help customers identify how many grams of dried cannabis they have selected. Oils and capsules will also be automatically converted by the calculator into their dried equivalency,” OCS says.

If your order contains more than 30 grams worth of products, you’ll be asked to modify it before checkout.

While customers can add multiple products to their shopping cart exceeding 30 grams, will require them to modify their order at the time of checkout to be 30 grams or less.

OCS says the website will also offer users ample safety information throughout the purchasing process.

To learn more, click here. (Ontario Cannabis Store)


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