You Can Vote Anywhere in the Next Municipal Election in Mississauga


Published July 12, 2016 at 3:18 am


It’s no secret that motivating people — particularly younger people — to vote is tricky. Well, it looks like the city is doing its best to make it a little bit easier.

According to a recent city press release, Mississauga’s General Committee recently discussed potential enhancements for the 2018 municipal election. The proposed enhancements include internet voting, ‘Vote Anywhere’ and ranked ballot elections. ‘Vote Anywhere’ was deemed the most popular option.

“Municipal election administration is changing in Ontario and we are committed to modernizing and improving voter experience,” said Crystal Greer, Director of Legislative Services and City Clerk. “’Vote Anywhere’ will enable electors to vote at any voting location or poll without geographic restriction as well as maximize accessibility and convenience to electors and reduce wait times.”

General committee accepted the recommendation to go the ‘Vote Anywhere’ route from the Governance Committee. As for ranked balloting (which we talked about here), the city was advised to let the province test it out first.

Although internet voting seems promising in an increasingly web-dependent society, it doesn’t appear to increase voter turnout. Here’s hoping that allowing people to vote anywhere and not just at one designated spot will encourage more people to check a ballot before heading off to work (or school or the bar or whatever). 

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