You Can Now Plant Gardens in Formerly Restricted Places in Mississauga


Worried about the bees?

So is the city. 

The city of Mississauga has gotten rid of permit fees that they feel may have an impact on facilitating the decline of bees and other pollinators.

As of September 11, Mississauga removed permit fees associated with planting pollinator plants and flowers.

Moving forward, residents who wish to plant pollinator plants and flowers on their boulevards will be free to do so.

This is just one of the many ways in which Mississauga is attempting to help propagate the bee population.

In addition to waiving permit fees for planting pollinator plants, the city has launched the one million trees initiative, which encourages people to assist with planting trees at various spaces around the city; installed 13 pollinator and community gardens across the city; and recently installed bee hotels as well as a honeybee hive on the roof of city hall.

The city also intends to add pollinator plants to the existing gardens and flower beds around the city. The city has also committed to working with residents who wish to install solitary bee houses in an effort to support native pollinators.

The One Million Trees program will be sharing information regarding pollinators--including information on the importance of pollinators, as well as information about how residents can enhance pollinator communities in their own backyards.

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