You Can Now Keep an Eye on City Operations in Brampton

Published April 5, 2018 at 3:12 pm

If you’ve ever wanted a sneak peek into what the city does every day, your dreams may have just come true.

To an extent. 

If you’ve ever wanted a sneak peek into what the city does every day, your dreams may have just come true.

To an extent. 

The City of Brampton just launched a brand new performance reporting dashboard called City Dashboard 1.0. Basically, it measures important aspects of life in Brampton and shows the public how the city is supporting them. 

The measures are split into six different areas:  

“Finance and Assets and Customer Service represent foundational operational and strategic financial measures,” says the city. “Community Well-Being, Livability, Economy and Urban Form reflect the things the City is working on daily, to influence and improve in the community.”

Each category is broken down even further. For example, under Community Well-Being you can see things like Brampton’s crime rate, Brampton’s fatal motor vehicle collision rate, and even the city’s physical activity rate.

You might have noticed that the city has created a scoring system to reveal what it’s doing about each issue. 

Here’s a breakdown of what those scores mean:

  • Meeting Target – We are meeting or exceeding established target.
  • Near Target – We are close to the target, target is attainable and trending in the right direction.
  • Needs Improvement – We are not hitting the target and trending in the wrong direction.
  • Monitoring – We don’t have full influence or control over the metric; we are collecting new data or monitoring data to set a target.

You can also click on each measure to check out graphs of what the city’s progress is like in improving that facet of our community:

You’ll also find a “related links” section at the bottom of each of those pages to get more context on what’s happening with that issue, like Strategic Plan initiatives, day-to-day services, programs, maps, plans and studies. 

“The new City Dashboard 1.0 is an online tool that helps the community to see how the City’s daily operations contribute to community outcomes,” said the city in a recent statement.

“The dashboard reinforces the City’s commitment to openness and accountability. Monitoring municipal service performance and community measures will help drive innovation and influence continuous improvement to support Brampton’s growth as a connected global city.”

As Canada’s ninth largest city, initiatives like these could have a positive impact on the community.

This system is version 1.0, because the city is planning to revamp it based on user feedback and more. There’s also a dashboard feedback” button you can click to provide your comments or ideas surrounding the new platform.

“Our 2016-2018 Strategic Plan identified a need to develop key performance indicators that demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accountability,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “Understanding where our City is performing the best and the areas where there is room for improvement, helps us connect, lead and innovate to improve the quality of life for our residents.”

Click here to scope out the platform.

What do you think of the new dashboard?

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