You Can Now Have Alcohol Shipped Straight to Your Home


If you love alcohol, you'll be excited to know that you may no longer have to step out of your house to get it.

UPS now ships wine, beer, and liquor to consumers and businesses in 11 countries, including Canada, where residents across five provinces can now have alcohol delivered to their doorsteps.

That means that if you live in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, or our home, Ontario, you're pretty much covered for alcohol delivery through UPS.

These five provinces cover 95 per cent of all alcohol imports in Canada, according to UPS.

Wine connoisseurs will be pleased to know that they can have their favourite cases of wine shipped directly from the vineyards to their home, as beer lovers will be excited that they can have beer straight from their favourite breweries to their home using one of the UPS Express shipping services.

UPS says that shipments can arrive in as little as three days, depending on the destination. Alcohol shipments do require an adult signature upon delivery.

Wineries in particular can now reach 39 wine importing countries, including top markets like Canada, China, India, Mexico, and the U.K.

If you were curious about which countries produce and export the most wine, those include Italy, Spain, France, Chile, Australia, South Africa and the United States.

Europe is the market leader in wine production and consumption.

One small family-owned winery in Northern California that just started global shipping is called Boeger.

“It was hard telling our international visitors they couldn’t have our wine because we couldn’t get it to them,” said Tara De La Rosa, hospitality and logistics manager at Boeger. “We are always looking for ways to expand globally and have our wines on tables around the world.”  

In terms of the delivery process, wineries, distilleries and breweries use UPS's Paperless Invoice system to simplify customs clearance.

Then, UPS provides automatic tracking and visibility allowing the consumer to follow an order on its global journey.

Finally, customers receive an email notification, in their own language, the day before the scheduled delivery.  

While five provinces are covered, UPS says that some areas are restricted.

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