You Can Now Get Poke Bowls in Mississauga

Published July 16, 2016 at 5:55 pm


POKE BOWLS ARE HERE (and it has nothing to do with chasing Pokémon fairies on the highway)! 

Poke bowls are the latest food sensation taking the spotlight around the globe. Pronounced poh-keh (not poke-ee or pōke) is a healthy and protein-rich dish ubiquitous in the Hawaiian food scene that can be found anywhere from the corner store to restaurants.   

Sauga’s first poke-bowl dish can be found at none other than Corner – the same trailblazing group that introduced Mississauga’s first sushi burrito. The cafe-style, quick-serve eatery has an array of food options from European to Asian selections and now offers three build-your-own options which include their “mum bowl”, sushi burrito and AhiPoke bowls. 

A traditional Hawaiian poke is simply marinated raw fish dish typically served with Japanese seasonings, fish roe, onions, and seaweed and typically eaten as an appetizer or a snack. Ahi poke’s are the most popular and are made with ahi-tuna. 

Poke bowls on the other hand, are next-level-poke turning this traditional appetizer into a full-blown meal similar to a Japanese dish called Chirashizushi – rice topped with a variety of raw fish, vegetables and Japanese garnishes. It’s simple, packed with flavour, nutritious and thankfully my mother-in-law’s signature dish (I can eat this all the time!). 

In addition to offering customizable bowls, Corner offers four signature poke bowls to choose from. The tuna poke bowl includes raw tuna, spinach, cabbage, kimchi, soybean, carrot, crab meat and pineapple. The salmon poke bowl has raw salmon, arugula, cabbage, seaweed salad, corn, tomato salsa and mango. The seafood bowl includes kani, shrimp, cabbage, spring mix, corn, carrot, sweet Peruvian teardrop peppers, pickled cucumber and mandarin oranges. Lastly, the veggie poke bowl includes three kinds of tofu, cabbage, lettuce, soybean, pea shoot, mushroom, corn, pickled radish and mandarin oranges. 

The first step in the build-your-own-bowl process includes selecting your base of rice or greens or a mix of both. Next up is your choice of protein and you can add extra protein for an additional cost. The options include raw tuna, raw salmon, smoked duck, smoked salmon, lobster, octopus or baby shrimp. Step three involves selecting your dressing from spicy mayo, strawberry mayo, cucumber dill, honey mustard, wasabi cucumber, sweet chilli orange, mandarin orange kiwi, unagi sauce, or mango mayo. Lastly, you have a choice of four toppings (shredded carrot, tofu, pineapple, roasted garlic, fried shredded sweet potatoes, picked cucumber, kimchi radish, alfalfa sprouts, pickled radish, seaweed, mix of pickled veggies, julienne mango, pickled wild mushrooms, kimchi, corn, crab meat, sliced cucumber, sweet Peruvian teardrop peppers, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, pickled artichokes, pea shoots, avocado, julienne red peppers, strawberries, sunflower seeds, fried tempura bits, bacon, fried shallots, sesame seeds, or dried cranberries). 

Before the fish is added to the bowl, it is tossed in a soy and sesame dressing. A side of rice seasoning also accompanies the bowl (a savory mixture of white sesame seeds, nori pieces, salt and pepper) which is finally topped with a slice of fried taro root, nori pieces and fish roe.

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