You Can Now Buy Wine in These Mississauga Grocery Stores


Published October 28, 2016 at 4:24 pm


Excellent news, vino fans–wine is now available in two Mississauga grocery stores!

Starting today, 67 Ontario grocery stores can sell both domestic and imported wine, so you might not have to go to the LCBO to grab some wine for your Halloween house party if doing so isn’t convenient for you.

The two Mississauga grocery stores offering wine are Highland Farms on Matheson Blvd. and the Loblaws on 250 Lakeshore Rd.

Earlier today, Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance, was at Coppa’s Fresh Market in Toronto to announce the lucky locations–a mix of independent stores and larger chain locations. This move is part of the province’s move to sell more booze in grocery stores. As of now, 57 Ontario grocery stores sell beer and cider.

While a lot of people say more needs to be done to give Ontario consumers more choices–and local winemakers more avenues to grow their businesses–few can deny that this modest opening of the marketplace is a step in the right direction.

While the news is good, some caveats apply. Grocers selling alcohol must have designated sales areas and standardized hours of sale. They must also abide by limitations on package size and alcohol content.

That said, the move is a good one for smaller producers, as a minimum of 10 or 20 per cent (it depends on the grocer) of shelf space must be reserved for products from small companies.

For more info on other locations selling wine, click here.

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