You Can Finally Experience Japanese Omakase in Mississauga

Published December 6, 2018 at 2:48 pm


Japanese restaurants are plentiful across Mississauga’s vast culinary landscape, with at least one or more calling each and every neighbourhood across the sizeable (and growing) semi-urban city home.

But no two restaurants are the same, and no one restaurant is like Tomo Sushi.

Tomo Sushi, the spacious and serene Richmond Hill-born restaurant that recently took over the space once occupied by the centrally-located (Creditview and Burnhamthorpe) Sushi Tei, sets itself apart from other restos by offering a cozy (but large) interior, private booths that are ideal for more intimate dining experiences, delicious (and affordable) lunch specials and incredibly fresh fish.

Tomo is also dedicated to providing exquisite service–in fact, “tomo” means “friend” in Japanese. The restaurant is not only the ideal destination for a delicious meal, it’s a place where one can go to feel welcome. The restaurant owners take pride in not only offering exceptional meals, but also providing top notch service that’s friendly, memorable and warm,

Another thing that sets Tomo apart?

Its chef-designed omakase menu. In fact, Tomo is one of the only places where diners can enjoy an authentic omakase experience in Mississauga. For those who are unaware, Omakase literally means “I’ll leave it up to you” and involves the chef presenting the dinner with a number of beautifully-plated courses.

At Tomo, the omakase menu offers a series of small plates that represent the best–and best known–staples of Japanese cuisine.

Before the main dishes arrive, diners are treated–and it is a treat, indeed–a beautiful zensoai (appetizer) made up of a refreshing salad and a creative oyster shot.

Ensuring that every sushi lover is satisfied, Tomo then offers a second course of sashimi–and the fish is some of the freshest in the city. Delicate and melt-in-your-mouth tender, the raw and thinly-sliced tuna and salmon that make up part of the dish are unforgettably savoury and satisfying.

After that, diners are treated to a hot dish they won’t soon forget.

The third course, yakimono, consists of roasted, broiled or grilled fish or meat. Some diners will get to sample the black cod, which is tender and cooked to perfection. Lightly sauced and beautifully-plated, the cod is satisfying without being too filling.

The fourth course is a treat for anyone looking to indulge a little, as it consists of perfectly fried shrimp and vegetable tempura.

Offering fun plating and variety, this indulgent course offers both shrimp and yam tempura–two things that almost no diner can turn down.

After that course, a lighter dish comes out–one that will prep your palate for the final course (which is also lighter in nature).

The third last course features some tender and savoury tuna on top of rich avocado slices. The addition of a well-placed mushroom is also a nice (and healthy!) touch.

After indulging in the last bit of nigiri sushi, diners are given a warm lobster soup with miso broth that provides a little bit of comfort at the end of an indulgent meal.

The shirumono (or lobster soup) is light and savoury, helping diners wash down the heavier parts of their meal and end the entire experience on a tasty note (especially on cold wintery nights such as these).

But while the savoury courses are over, the meal doesn’t end here.

More adventurous diners should try the tempura ice cream, a massive and sugary confection comprised of ice cream of your choice (green tea or vanilla), tempura, whipped cream and chocolate and strawberry drizzle.

It’ll make you feel like a kid again–especially after such a sophisticated meal.

But while the omakase is more than worth checking out, diners should also note that Tomo Sushi is an ideal lunch or dinner destination because of its vast and varied menu that offers a little bit of everything.

Some staples available on the regular menu? Edamame, agedashi tofu, beef sashimi, tuna tartar, udon, soba, donburi, sushi, sashimi, maki and more.

At Tomo, there’s truly something for everyone–and the service makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

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