Women-only Ridesharing App Set to Launch Soon in the GTA


New ridesharing apps are all the rage these days - from Uber, to Lyft, to InstaRyde and beyond - and now, a brand new service is set to hit the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) market.

It’s true, the GTA is getting its first women-only drivers and riders app, and it’s called DriveHER.

DriveHER is set to launch on Friday March 16, 2018, at noon across the GTA. The new app is driven by safety, empowerment, community, and “honest” pricing, according to the company’s website.

Our priority is to ensure the security of every woman on every ride, whether she’s the passenger or the one behind the wheel,” says DriveHER.

Have you noticed that most taxi or other ridesharing drivers (i.e. Uber drivers) are male? 

In Canada’s male dominated taxi industry, men account for 85.1 per cent of drivers. DriveHER is changing that by empowering women to get behind the wheel,” says DriveHER.

DriveHER is definitely an interesting concept, so it’ll be interesting to see how much traction the app gets in our community. 

Fun fact - there won’t be any surge pricing.

Another unique feature of DriveHER is that the company plans to connect with shelters to provide free rides to women and their children who are fleeing domestic abuse.

What happens when a female passenger has a male passenger with her?

If the passenger’s male companion is travelling in the same direction but to a different destination, it is up to you (the driver) to decide to take them or refer them to another service (e.g. uber/taxi),” says DriveHER.

However, you can only take these passengers if the male passenger is getting out before the end of the ride. For safety, the female passenger must be the last to exit the car.”

The alternative ridesharing service is currently recruiting drivers leading up to its launch. The company does have plans to expand across Canada eventually, too.

To learn more about DriveHER, click here.

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