Woman Victim of Reportedly Violent Islamophobic Attack in Mississauga


A young woman was allegedly viciously attacked at a Cooksville-area mall by a man and women who were reportedly hurling vicious anti-immigrant slurs at her.

According to CityNews, 22-year-old Aala Khan was recently eating lunch with her mother at Newin Centre Mall in the Dundas and Hurontario area when a woman began insulting her. While the woman reportedly insulted Khan for being an "immigrant," the young woman and her family—who said nothing like this has ever happened to them in the 20 years they've lived in Canada—believe the attack stemmed from Islamophobia.

"She started saying 'get out of here' you [unintelligible] immigrants. You guys are not allowed here, this is not your country."

Khan told CityNews that the woman left, but came back to violently assault her.

"I told her to calm down and that's when she grabbed me," Khan told the news outlet. "She twisted my hair around her arm and pulled me down and we fell into the stairwell. Her male friend came and he basically started beating me on my head. Finally the lady let go and went up the stairs, but she turned around and kicked me in the face."

Khan told City that her hair has been falling out in clumps since the attack and that she also injured her knee.

Peel police are currently investigating the incident, which may be considered a hate crime. 

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