Winning lottery ticket tops up bank account for Mississauga man


Published October 20, 2023 at 2:20 pm

Anthony Urciuoli/ photo
(Photo: Via OLG)

Dmytro Fedchak is the latest winner in a recent string of Mississauga residents to find good fortune playing the lottery.

The Mississauga man collected a top prize of $75,000 with a winning Instant Roulette ticket.

Instant Roulette tickets are available for $3 apiece and the odds of winning a prize, according to OLG officials, are about one in four.

The winning ticket was purchased at Petro Canada, on The Queensway in Mississauga.

OLG officials have delivered big cheques to about a dozen or so Mississauga residents in recent weeks.

And like a handful of those winners, Fedchak also chose to supply OLG with the required photo only and no accompanying words telling the public what he plans to do with the money or detailing his immediate reaction upon learning he’d won the top prize.

And that’s perfectly fine, according to the OLG, which operates the lotteries and hands out all prizes big and small.

While the majority of big winners are happy to say a few words publicly, there are those who’d rather just show up at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto for the mandatory winner’s photo and offer no comment.

Alternatively, if the claim has been processed virtually, OLG officials say, the winner can supply the lottery corporation with their own winning photo.

OLG publishes all wins of $1,000 or more on its website for 30 days. For major prizes, OLG requires a photo of the winner. The lottery corporation may also send a news release and photo of major prize winners to media in local communities.

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