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Published May 14, 2019 at 4:14 am

No Frills, the popular Canadian grocery store, has launched a new animated video game.

No Frills, the popular Canadian grocery store, has launched a new animated video game.

Hauler Aisles of Gloryis a new game that helps shoppers train for their next haul at their nearest No Frills. Players also get rewarded with PC Optimum points.

The game is described as a retro 8-bit 2D animation video game. If location services are turned on, the game will be set at a personalized for each player. It can only be played in-browser on a mobile, tablet or desktop.

The game is a part of the grocery chain’s new marketing campaign that was launched on May 6. It aims to train people for their next shopping trip by running through the animated No Frills, collecting points for picking up groceries and avoiding unnecessary frills.

Loblaw Companies’ Senior Vice President of Marketing Uwe Stueckmann says, “Every major sport has a video game franchise, so why should hauling be any different? The best haulers aren’t born – they’re made. This game is designed to let them practice before they head to No Frills for an epic haul.”

The Hauler needs to dash between the different sections of the store through produce, packaged goods, bakery, meat and even outside through the parking lot.

After completing the game, players can enter their PC Optimum card number to claim their reward of 500 PC Optimum points. The game will continue to reward points until 50 million PC Optimum points are rewarded to Canadians cumulatively.

No Frills’ new campaign includes a new commercial, community events at local stores, as well as new items on

Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada’s largest retailer that includes grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty, apparel, general merchandise, financial services, and wireless mobile products and services. It is the parent company of No Frills.

Photos courtesy of Loblaw Companies Limited.

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