Where to go if you’re looking for work or new employees in Mississauga and Brampton

Published June 22, 2023 at 11:39 am

YMCA Employment and Community Centres help those looking for work or hiring new employees in Mississauga and Brampton

Mississauga and Brampton residents who need help with job searching will find all the support they need at a YMCA Employment and Community Centre.

In Peel Region, YMCA employment centres are an integral part of the community, offering a wide range of services to help residents find a job, hire an employee, get training, gain awareness, or access government programs through in-person and virtual workshops and one-to-one counselling.

The YMCA of Greater Toronto has employment-focused locations at Mississauga’s City Centre, Meadowvale, and near Bramalea City Centre in Brampton to serve the Peel community no matter where you are.

“When given support, positivity and guidance, we believe that you can turn off the things that are holding you back. Turn on confidence, connection, and possibilities,” says the YMCA team.

The Mississauga YMCA team with the Readers’ Choice 2022 Platinum Award

The YMCA Employment Services team at Peel provides in-person or remote support to help jobseekers overcome the challenges of looking for a job with help of their employment experts. Get guidance on a variety of job search tools and resources and get help finding a job by exploring their free workshops and job fairs.

They also work with hundreds of employers across Peel and throughout the GTA to provide recruitment support. Their team is a one-stop shop equipped to fulfill all your recruiting and hiring needs, using their expertise to find quality candidates that meet your specific criteria. They partner with all industries, business sizes and job match all occupations.

YMCA Employment Services partners with industries and businesses of all types and sizes!

Their large team of specialists works with diverse jobseekers and employers, and has access to training and mental health services.

Among the wide range of services offered, the YMCA Employment & Community Centre assists both jobseekers and employers

In their free resource centre, they provide you with the tools and resources you need to find employment through workshops that will help you gain important skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the current labour market. The resource centre is free and accessible to everyone in the community.

Workshops currently available include:

  • Interview Techniques Workshop
  • Resume Workshop
  • Resume Critiques One-on-One
  • Mock Interview One-on-One
  • Job Searching

To register for the virtual workshops, simply send your name, telephone number, and email address to [email protected], and you’ll get a confirmation email to verify your registration.

Take a look at the many other programs offered by the YMCA:

Job assistance and training programs

Employment Ontario: Provides one-on-one counselling to address some of the barriers in entering the labour market.

Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG): The Canada Ontario Job grant will fund, on average, two thirds of a worker’s eligible training costs to a maximum of $10,000.  The employer contributes the remaining costs and employs the worker.

Better Jobs Ontario: The Better Jobs Ontario program is for individuals who have been laid off after January 1, 2005 due to lack of work, health reasons, or end of contract. This program provides financial assistance to upgrade training and to enhance marketable skills to return to work.

Youth Programs

Youth In Transition Program (YIT): The Youth in Transition Program supports youth in their successful transition out of the child welfare system into adulthood, through the provision of information, connections and referrals to community agencies that will assist youth.

Skills Development For Youth (SDFY): SDFY is a 12 week program that assists participants ages 15-30, who are out of work, a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected citizen, and legally entitled to work in Canada, offering them the skills and techniques needed to become employable.

Youth Substance Abuse Program (YSAP): The Youth Substance Abuse Program (YSAP) provides free one-to-one counselling for those aged 14-24. YSAP is a free and confidential community-based counselling and education program that supports individuals with their substance use.

Youth Outreach Worker Program (YOW): The Youth Outreach Worker Program is a program designed to support young people between the ages of 12-21 where they live and socialize within designated communities.

Youth Counselling Services (YC): The Youth Counselling (YC) program is designed to support young people between the ages of 15-29 within designated communities. It supports young people who are experiencing barriers to accessing appropriate services to meet their needs.

Youth In Transition – Housing Support Worker Program (HSW): This program is open to 16- and 17-year-olds in need of protection, who would become eligible to enter into a Voluntary Youth Service Agreement (VYSA) and would prefer to live independently and be supported in out-of-home placements.

Youth Justice Substance Abuse Program (YJSAP): This program is open to young persons aged 12-17 at the time of an offence who have been found guilty and are currently on probation, conditional supervision or community supervision orders, or young persons on detention status as part of a community release plan.

Newcomer Youth Leadership Development (NYLD): This program is for newcomer youth aged 13 -24 years old. The program is designed to assist newcomer youth to have a positive settlement experience.

Get in touch with a YMCA Employment and Community Centre to see what they can do for you by visiting their website.

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