Where Do People in Mississauga Travel To?


According to Allison Wallace, the director of media and communications with Flight Centre, people from Mississauga are big fans of worldwide travel. When it comes time for people to hit Pearson, they're flying everywhere from Florida to Vancouver to Bangkok.

As far as Europe goes, the top destinations include London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. People looking to work on dat tan tend to seek out Mexico (Cancun in particular), Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Royal Caribbean's Western Caribbean Cruise. People who want to stay a little closer to home (or just in North America), tend to gravitate to Florida, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Arizona and California. More adventurous travelers who have set their sights on Central and South America tend to visit Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Rio and Buenos Aires. People heading to Asia like to check out Thailand and Vietnam.

So if you're one of those lucky travelers itching to leave Sauga for beachier or more historical pastures, where should you go and what should you do? You might have budget or time constraints and need to stay close or find affordable accommodations. In that case, a Muskoka cottage or camping weekend might be perfect for you. If you want to do it up, you might take a landmark vacation in another continent or splurge on a big Vegas weekend.

"Weather plays a big part, given this is the best time to be in Canada," says Wallace. "People don’t tend to look to cooler climates during the summer months. They do, however, love having an adventure, whether it’s road tripping down to the USA or across Canada or getting to Europe and visiting a couple of really distinct countries."

If you're on a budget, traveling can be more of a challenge -- but it can be done. If money is tight, you can plan a Canadian road trip.

"From the GTA/Mississauga area, road trips in Canada are a great option," says Wallace. "You have the freedom of going when and where you want and, if on a budget, your expenses jump pretty quickly if heading to the USA with the loonie not doing so well right now. Niagara Falls, the East Coast, Montreal and Ottawa are some great and very affordable options. And all of these areas have LOTS going on in the summer, such as music festivals, food festivals, etc." 

Wallace also has some other budgeting tips. 

"If you’re headed to Europe, consider hostels and get a Eurail pass. You can easily visit a number of countries very reasonably travelling by train and overnighting on a train saves you the cost of a hotel. Always eat locally when at a destination -- it’s a big and very enjoyable part of the travel experience and usually local specialties are a lot cheaper than western food." 

But maybe you're not on a budget. Maybe you're a baller or you're willing to splurge on a big trip to celebrate something important, like a honeymoon, anniversary, landmark birthday or graduation. Maybe you won the lottery or got lucky at the Niagara casino. In that case, you might want to treat yourself to something really special. 

"What’s becoming increasingly popular for celebration vacations are cruises," says Wallace. "It’s a great option for group travel because people can do their own thing during the day but are together in the evenings and have access to facilities that can cater to special occasions." 

For young travelers, packages are incredible options. They let you see vast parts of the world on a reasonable budget and facilitate bonding with fellow travelers -- ensuring your vacay is a fun and social experience. 

"For young singles, the top tour companies would be Contiki (it caters to 18-35 year olds), G Adventures and Intrepid. All three are reputable companies that go to destinations very popular with young singles. You have the option of being put with a same-sex roomie for accommodations to help with costs or pay a single supplement if you’d prefer to be on your own. Popular destinations include Europe, Peru (Machu Pichu), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia) and Africa."

If you want to travel somewhere a little unusual -- and keep in mind that doing so might save you money -- you might want to forego the usual suspects and stick to quieter, less touristy destinations. Wallace says that Central America is becoming more popular, with countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua attracting more North American travelers. She also says these destinations offer adventure, so try zip lining in Costa Rica, hiking in Peru, trekking or camping in Iceland, surfing in Bali or lounging on pristine Thai beaches if you can make it happen.

So, where are you headed this summer?

Top destinations:

1 - London
2 - Paris
3 - Rome
4 - Barcelona

1 - Mexico (Cancun #1),
2 - Cuba (Varadero)
3 - Dominican Republic
4 - Western Caribbean Cruise (Royal Caribbean)

North America:
1 - Florida (Orlando, Miami & Ft. Lauderdale)
2 - Las Vegas
3 - Vancouver
4 - Arizona & California (Palm Springs & Anaheim)

Central & South America:
1 - Costa Rica
2 - Nicaragua
3 - Rio & Buenos Aires

1 - Thailand
2 - Vietnam




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