What’s left for St. Catharines woman as finale of Bachelor in Paradise Canada looms


Published July 5, 2023 at 5:30 pm

Connor Brennan sings St. Catharines woman Lisa Mancini a song he has composed for her on Bachelor in Paradise Canada. (All screenshots: Citytv)

So what’s left for our St. Catharines player Lisa Mancini on Bachelor in Paradise Canada as the 10-episode run comes to a close on July 9?

Well, here’s the thing. This was filmed last summer and she’s still on social media, happily posting cosplay pictures and seeming to enjoy the world as it continues to spin. At the very least, that means the “shocking finale” didn’t finish with a piano dropping on her from 10 storeys up.

So nothing too bad, let’s assume. How do the players on these shows keep it quiet for a full year? That’s one iron-clad NDA they must sign for this show.

However, as the finale approaches, Mancini herself offered up a few scenarios below on her Twitter.

As she says “find out if I’m in love or engaged or heartbroken or something.”

Just guessing but frankly, the most likely scenario in Mancini’s case is “or something” and heartbroken is so far removed from her, it has a Tibet address. Engaged is a long shot, as well, but in love has a glimmer of hope.

However, for the past few episodes, she seems to genuinely be happy hanging with her rose-swapping fella Connor Brennan, the American musician or teacher “or something.” Different accounts give him different occupations.

That said, producers had different ideas for Episode 9 as they dropped in two new women, Marilyn Smith and Krissy Kennedy, at the last minute. Since you know the producers only do that to stir the pot and throw established couples into a tailspin, it’s always funny to hear the 11th-hour wannabes declare that they’re on the beach “to find love.”

No, they’re not. They’ll be lucky to find the bar given the time left. “Look, ladies, there’s the beach. Lots of sand. And that’s a wrap. Thanks for coming out.”

Regardless, they strode onto the beach like Betty and Veronica come to life carrying date cards. Instantly, Mancini knew that one of them would grab Brennan, simply because he’s easy-going and friendly. Yup, “Betty” (Smith) swooped in for a jet-ski date.

Here’s where it got funny. “Veronica” (Kennedy) asked Matia Marcantuoni, the beach bad boy, out and he readily accepted. So the two pairs hopped on the jet skis, something Marcantuoni had been pining for all summer, and off they went.

Well, off Brennan went, anyway. He took off like he was James Bond being chased by baddies. He seriously gunned the thing with Smith screaming for her life in the back. Meanwhile, Marcantuoni was puttering around like he was Driving Miss Daisy while Kennedy whined. Mr. Nice Guy made Mr. Bad Ass look like a chump.

So both couples finished their dates in separate areas over wine and a few smooches. Standard fare for the show. Later on, Brennan learned that Smith had never been in a relationship because her standards were too high. The mid-20s and no boyfriends ever? Brennan declared that a red flag. No, Canada has a red flag. That’s a huge sign that reads “Stranger Danger! Run like hell!”

When he confessed to Mancini that there was some kissing and he was curious to get to know her better – this was just before the “no boyfriends ever” revelation – she eyeballed him and noted, “Kind of a crappy move, dude,” subbing in another word for crappy.

“Yup, one of the newbies grabbed Connor. Called it.” Lisa Mancini knows what’s what.

When was he going to get to know her better? In the five minutes left of the show? Also, he was in a good place with Mancini, who’s 387.2 per cent more interesting. You can always tell when the producers are forcing people’s hands. Squeeze in a bit more drama.

But it all played out in the end. Mancini arranged a special date where they’d indulge in her past time of painting. From what she’s posted online in the past, she’s quite good. Also, she nearly won last season’s Talent Contest, drawing caricatures of the others.

They have fun getting their Bob Ross on until Brennan revealed his surprise – a keyboard that just happened to be there (four feet away) hiding under a sheet.

He had written a song for her that was tender and heartfelt. After Michael Jackson and Bart Simpson duetting on “Lisa, It’s Your Birthday” on The Simpsons, it was better of the better Lisa songs on TV. Well, the late, great Jackson wrote the song but a soundalike had to sing it for contractual blah, blah, blah…

So the second last episode ended on a great note for Mancini but there’s one episode to go. You never know when that piano’s going to fall.

The finale of Bachelor in Paradise Canada airs on Sunday, July 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Citytv, Citytv+ and Citytv.com, and through the Citytv app.

There’s an organ standing four feet behind us but we can’t see that… because paint fumes.

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