What you need to know about having your car towed in Mississauga


Published March 13, 2020 at 8:58 pm


We all hope the day never comes when we’ll need a tow truck, but accidents–and mechanical breakdowns–do happen, and drivers in Mississauga and surrounding cities often find themselves in need of a tow. 

You probably know how to call or flag one down, but do you know your rights when using a towing service in the city? 

The City of Mississauga recently set out to remind drivers that they can and should be empowered to make crucial decisions when accepting (or requesting) help from a towing service. 

According to the city, drivers should note that they have the right to choose which tow truck provider to use and the right to choose where they want their vehicle towed to–unless told otherwise by emergency personnel at the scene (tow truck drivers are not emergency personnel and cannot dictate that your vehicle be taken to a specific place).

The city says the only document you should sign is the Permission to Tow a Vehicle form, which does not commit you to have any work done on your vehicle other than having it towed.

Drivers should also note that tow truck drivers are required to accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, debit and credit. 

The city also says a tow truck driver must provide you with an itemized bill of services before demanding payment. According to the city, the cost of collision-related towing is $300 +HST or $400 +HST if the trip requires a stop at a Collision Reporting Centre. Additional fees can only be applied for towing outside of Mississauga.

What are some tips to keep in mind while at the scene of a collision?

The city says you should take photos of any damage, read the Permission to Tow a Vehicle form before you sign, don’t sign anything you haven’t read or don’t understand, look for the City of Mississauga licence plate in the rear window of the tow truck, record all names and licence plate numbers, keep track of dates, times and locations and take your personal belongings with you.

“Know beforehand which tow truck company you will use to tow your vehicle,” the city says.

“Vehicle accidents will take you by surprise, but knowing your rights and having the correct information will help you feel more confident when dealing with an unexpected collision.”

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