What Will You Binge-Watch on Netflix on New Year’s?

Published December 29, 2017 at 1:30 am


It’s no secret that binge-watching television is one of the most popular New Year’s Day activities. Chances are, you loaded up on one too many cocktails the night before and need a binge-worthy show to help you recover from the comfort of your own bed. 

Don’t worry — we all do it. 

So, whether you’re ordering takeout from your bed or your couch on New Year’s Day, here’s a list of shows you can watch as you recover from Dec. 31 on Jan. 1. 

Whether you’re looking for something funny, a thinker, or something that was really popular in 2017 that everyone was talking about but you haven’t seen yet, there’s likely a show for you on Netflix (if you have the popular streaming service…or are mooching it off of someone else).

Here is Netflix’s New Year’s Day Hangover Binge List: 

  1. American Vandal – Let Dylan worry about who drew them. You just worry about staying hydrated.
  2. Dark – What year is it again? Seriously, because they don’t know either.
  3. Dear White People – New Year, new you. Wake up (at whatever time you want) and be woke.
  4. Friends – They’ll be there for you…
  5. Lovesick – Makes you appreciate that you only have a hangover.
  6. The Office – Michael Scott’s bad decisions will make you feel better about your own.
  7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Crack up while Jake and the gang try to crack the case.
  8. One Day at a Time – Because we’re all just trying to make it.
  9. Planet Earth I & II – the soft, soothing voice of David Attenborough… need we say more?
  10. She’s Gotta Have It – Take a page out of Nola Darling’s book and just be unapologetic about the night before.

Do you know what you’ll be watching on New Year’s Day?

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