Here’s what Mississauga’s City Centre could’ve looked like


Published November 27, 2021 at 4:35 pm


It’s always interesting to take a look back through past city plans and see just how different some parts of Mississauga could’ve looked today. got ahold of the Strategic Plans for Mississauga and the City Centre area, dated 1975. The series of documents outlines the state of Mississauga in 1975 including how they planned to develop Mississauga into the future which would be our present day.

What’s interesting about these documents are the plans for the LRT which are in the works today and the plans to build a monorail that never came to fruition.

We will let you draw your own conclusion in regards to whether or not Mississauga’s 1975 future plan would have been great for our city today.

Sorry about these crude scans but we couldn’t find the digital files from 1975.

Transportation Systems:

Future CorridorThere were plans for an LRT back in 1975.
Intermediate Capacity Transit System – The ICTS better known as a monorail looked like it was going towards Kipling subway station. What happened to this idea?

NOTE (from left to right):
– The Farmers Market at Square One every week.
– The building across Square One which exists today, it’s the one with the Timmy’s on the main level.
– Square One’s central outdoor court which no longer exists today.
– Computers from 1975.
– Square One interior shot from 1975.
– The building across Square One which will be The Bier Markt’s home one day soon.

– If you look closely, you will see the monorails heading diretly to Square One.
– Lots of green space and no parking lots.
– This looks very similar to a plan that The City put out for the future of Mississauga in 2010.

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