What Other Cities Think of Mississauga

Published January 25, 2016 at 3:07 pm


Living in Mississauga, you appreciate the wonder and beauty that is the sixth biggest city in the country. You see it every day in everything from the friendly people to the amazing architecture that is the Marilyn Monroe buildings. We love Mississauga, but have you ever wondered what other cities think of us?

I asked a few of my friends — all living in different cities and all in their 20s — what they think of our great Mississauga. 


The big powerful T Dot, what do the busy people of Toronto think of our beautiful city? I asked my friend Emily her honest thoughts about Mississauga. 

“It’s as if every single male on Tinder lives in Mississauga”.  


The flower city aka Brampton is a place that is very similar to ours in size and infrastructure. I asked my good friend Danny, a Brampton native to tell me what he thinks and likes about Mississauga. 

“My favourite part of being in Mississauga is traveling down the 403 towards Mavis and seeing the Monroe buildings, city hall and the surrounding buildings lit at night. It’s really nice.”


Just like us Markham borders the massive urban expanse that is Toronto. So they must think like us right? My friend Marc – Adam tells me what the people of Markham think about the sixth biggest city in the county. 

“I don’t know a ton about Mississauga, I feel like it’s the Scarborough of the west end but it’s slightly less sketchy. It’s not quite Oakville, which the general consensus is rich and sketchy. Its suburban overflow from Toronto and it had (Hazel McCallion) that mayor that everyone thought was really cool.”


As Mississauga residents we know Oakville all too well. On weekends some of us can be seen visiting their lakeshore parks or taking a date to their cute down town streets. They feel like our closest neighbours, they know so much about us. My friend Joe gives us insight to what exactly Oakville thinks about our great city. 

“Ah yes, Mississauga… Or as most residents will have you to believe on social media; they don’t say they live in Mississauga. They live in ‘Toronto’ because that’s WAY more gangster. Filled with malls and houses, Mississauga is the hot bed for those who want to leave for the big city but the comfort of home provides a vortex you just can’t escape. This is all coming from a dude who lives in Oakville which is essentially the same thing.”


Oh the Hammer, the home of McMaster University and the Hamilton Bulldogs. The city farthest away out of the five is known for their steel production. My friend Pat tells me the first thing he thinks of when it comes to Mississauga. 

“The first thing I think of is the two towers, but when I think of Sauga I think of the Partynextdoor.”


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