The Marilyn Monroe buildings in Mississauga could have looked like this


The skyline in Mississauga has changed drastically over the past decade.

It's hard to imagine the Mississauga skyline without Absolute Condos (aka "Marilyn Monroe Towers") but it could have been another design that could have graced Mississauga. 

Back in 2006, an international design competition was held and over 92 designs from 70 countries were received and a panel of architects, civic leaders and members from Cityzen & Fernbrook Developments voted the on the submissions.

In January 2007, they narrowed down the list to just 6 finalists - and this is what the Absolute condos could have looked like:

Finalist 1 - Boyarsky Murphy Architects (United Kingdom)    

Finalist 2 - Rojkind Arquitectos (Mexico)      

Finalist 3 - Quadrangle Architects Limited (Canada)      

Finalist 4 - Studio MWM (United Kingdom)  


Finalist 5 - Zeidler Partnership Architects (Canada)    

Finalist 6 - MAD Office (U.S.A)    

Other designs that didn’t place:


Which would you have voted for?


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