What is a muster point and why is it in Mississauga?


Published July 28, 2022 at 3:21 pm

muster point sign
Katherine Emerson photo

A seemingly new muster point sign popped up in Mississauga and people are wondering why it’s there.

The sign caught the attention of resident Katherine Emerson who saw it along the path in front of the Port Credit Lighthouse adjacent to a parking lot.

“Had NO idea what Muster Point meant until I looked it up (now I know) but WHO is this sign for?” she asked.

Muster Point signs are normally posted for emergency gathering areas to identify a safe place for company employees to gather at during an emergency event, Irene McCutcheon, a spokesperson for the City of Mississauga.

McCutcheon confirmed the sign doesn’t belong to the city.

“We don’t know whose sign it is,” she said.

A photo of the sign was also posted in the Port Credit Friends Facebook group and a few people speculated on the reason for the sign. Some suggested it was for area construction workers to gather in case of an emergency. Other people suggested it could be a meet up spot for tours.

The signs are readily available to buy online.

One business selling the signs describes a muster point “as a location in a visible area which is a safe distance from your building for people to gather in the event of an emergency.”

“Muster point signage visibly posted throughout your facility grounds will ensure everyone knows where to meet in the event of an emergency,” the company notes.

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