West Lincoln councillor gets reprimand for food and gas at the ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Ottawa


Published July 19, 2022 at 10:52 am

West Lincoln Councillor Harold Jonkers has run afoul of the Integrity Commissioner for accepting gas and food at the "Freedom Convoy" which tied up downtown Ottawa for weeks in February.

While West Lincoln Council initially shot down the notion that Ward 2 Councillor Harold Jonker’s attendance at the “Freedom Convoy” in Ottawa conflicted with his duties as a councillor back in February, it seems a separate inquiry from the town’s Integrity Commissioner has found an issue.

Last night, Council voted to dock Jonker’s pay for a month after the integrity commissioner decided he broke the code of conduct during the rally in Ottawa by accepting free gas and food in return for his attendance.

The councillor, who owns Jonker’s Trucking Inc, had supporters help him drive his fleet to Ottawa for the February protest. At the time, he told the Toronto Sun he was the first trucker to arrive in the capital city.

Also attending the “freedom” protest was West Lincoln Mayor Dave Blysma.

Back in February, Ward 3 councillors Cheryl Gannan and William Reilly asked if Jonker’s actions had violated the council’s code of conduct policy but eventually, the council voted 5-2 against the integrity commissioner’s probe.

The pair complained the truck company owner had missed at least four committee meetings with his prolonged absence, having landed in Ottawa on February 4.

However, it seems this time Jonkers got himself tripped up, accepting food and fuel for the convoy supporters.

The Integrity Commissioner’s report said that Jonker should have accounted for the food and fuel given to him during his time at the rally and provided proof that the funds have been reimbursed.

Last night (July 18), council voted 5-1 in favour of recommendations presented by the Commissioner, including having Jonker’s pay docked for 30 days.

Before the council vote, Jonker was given the chance to speak to the issue before his colleagues.

Jonker insisted he was not in Ottawa as a town councillor but as the owner of the trucking company.

“I did not personally receive any gifts or benefits from people in this township,” he added. “If anything Jonker Trucking, which I own, lost money and continues to not function in a way it would like.”

He continued he paid for his own fuel but admitted he had received “coffee, breakfast and hamburgers” free.

While in Ottawa, Jonker became a right-wing media darling, giving numerous interviews to the Toronto Sun, Fox News and several other alt-right outlets.

In the past federal election, Jonkers was a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party, which bills itself as “Canada’s Only Pro Life Political Party.”

Below, Reilly tweeted out Council’s decision last night.


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