While most people know Square One  is a good place to dine and shop in Mississauga, few probably think about the hard--but fun--numbers associated with the ever-evolving (and ever more chic and
Canada isn't even close to being ready for the arrival of driverless cars, a Senate committee said as it released a new report in Ottawa on Monday.
Canada is known for a lot of things, and though Canadians aren't necessarily known for tooting their own horns, it's official -- Canada has ranked very highly on a list of the best countries in the
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you think it’s a Hallmark holiday that should be shunned or you embrace it wholeheartedly with chocolate and balloons, it’s always nice to plan a ro
Homage to Tide Pods...or something else?
Whether you’ve been waiting for your favourite show to return to Netflix for another season, you’re looking for a new show to watch, or you want to marathon some movies, there seems to be something
It’s true — consent is sexy. But would you go so far as to sign a contract before having sex? 
Most people would agree that everyone deserves a day off once in awhile.But what if not everybody wants one?
If you have a Canadian passport, take it out of its safe hiding spot and tell it you appreciate its existence. Then put it back, because losing a passport can be costly and time-consuming.
Move over, Toronto and Vancouver!Just kidding, they both beat us on this list -- but it's true, Mississauga has made the ranks as one of the most attractive cities for millennials.