During a General Committee meeting back in May, Mississauga city councillors approved another move to honour a former colleague by naming a street after him in the near future, as outlined in this
There’s a lot more to do in the suburbs than you think, especially at Celebration Square in Mississauga.It’s true - you don’t have to go downtown to have an incredible time!
It’s finally feeling like summer in Mississauga, and with summer comes a ton of awesome events at Celebration Square! 
While Mississauga isn’t commonly associated with music, many residents know that the music scene is always growing (and always worth checking out). 
As if Google wasn’t already watching us!
Weddings, for many, are not quite as important as they were even 20 years ago.
From wild turkey chases to people driving their cars backwards in the wrong lanes, anything is possible in Brampton.
Something wicked this way comes... to Mississauga.
Sushi. Ramen. Takoyaki. Tempura. 
As Mississauga grows into a more mature city, it’s safe to assume that its sports scene will become more vibrant and relevant to residents looking for entertainment and recreational opportuniites.<