Although this summer has been great, it's also been very hot. For that reason, it's fair to assume that some people are in the mood for a little indoor fun.
Although not everyone is a fan of scorching hot weather, few can deny that this has—so far, at least—been a beautiful summer full of ideal festival weather.
Mississauga has a ton of parks, but there’s always room for one more. 
Ah, summer—hot weather, longer days, cottage weekends (if you're lucky enough to have a cottage or know someone who does), sunburns and outdoor movie nights.
Amazing Race: Canada is due to start a new season.
Does your dad love fried chicken yet you're still struggling to decide what gift to purchase?Kill two birds with one stone, as they say.
Video gaming, like all technology, is constantly evolving and reaching new heights.
If you’re a pet owner in Mississauga, you may be pleased to hear about a recent change in purchasing pet licences.
Have you ever wanted to travel coast-to-coast across Canada, but you just haven’t been able to justify the cost or the time spent planning?
Summer is here!