Although Mississauga has a thriving business community and a wealth of job opportunities for residents, more than a few people commute outside of the city for work and a number of commuters make th
There are a few things everyone knows about Mississauga—it's home to Square One, was once led by an iconic mayor and boasts two of the most recognizable condo towers in the province—and a few fac
Even though this summer hasn't been incredibly hot, it's brought us a few choice sunny days—days that you might not realize you could have enjoyed on a Mississauga or Peel beach.
If you enjoyed this year's much-anticipated (and wildly successful) Japan Festival, we have great news for you—the upcoming festival is getting an extra day, and that means a lot more time to enjo
Believe it or not, summer is still here, so there's still time to advantage of the sun and longer days. 
If you loved last week's Mid-Summer Night Music & Food Festival, you might be happy to hear that you'll have a few more opportunities to visit night markets in Mississauga over the summer.
Mississauga is moving up in the world.
Mississauga could use another dose of fun, and we're in luck - a new entertainment experience might be coming our way.
Although Celebration Square is best known for its festivals and movie nights, it's also a great place for gamers looking to enjoy a more communal experience.
If you've been hankering for a vast and extensive Asian night market a little closer to home, you are in luck—the Mississauga Mid-Summer Night Music & Food Festival is going to hit the city th