Water safety statement remains in effect for Mississauga


Although last night's thunderstorms have passed, a water safety statement remains in effect for Mississauga. 

In the statement, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) said last night's thunderstorms could have some impact on flows in the southern portion of the region's watershed.

CVC said that while flooding of the Credit River and its major tributaries is not expected, intense rainfall associated with thunderstorms may result in flooding of small headwater and urban areas.  

As a result, local streams and rivers could become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams. CVC also said that some ponding may occur in low-lying areas. 

"Children should be warned of the dangers, and pets [should be] kept away from all watercourses," CVC said. 

The watershed conditions statement will be in effect through to Thursday, June 4 or until further notice. 

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