Watch out for these aggressive dive-bombing birds in this area of Mississauga


Published March 22, 2023 at 3:07 pm

bird attack mississauga
Photo by Hal Moran

Spring is in the air heralding the return of many birds — but not all feathered friends are friendly.

Red-winged blackbirds are notorious for attacking humans. Videos show the black birds with bright red patches on their wings attacking people in urban areas.

Sometimes referred to as “nature’s a-holes”, these birds will dive down intentionally hitting whatever they see as a threat. Sometimes they will repeatedly hit people on the head sending them fleeing.

While this behaviour normally doesn’t start until the nesting season in May and June, one Mississauga organization is getting residents prepared. It appears the red-winged blackbirds are particularly bad in one area of Mississauga, the Port Credit Heritage District said in a Tweet.

“Red-winged Blackbirds seem especially aggressive by the pedestrian/#cycling bridge at #PortCredit Harbour in the Heritage District,” the heritage district said in a Tweet.

The blackbirds spring migration runs from mid-February through mid-May but many stay around all year in southern Ontario.

It is actually the male bird, with the shiny black feathers and red shoulder patches, that is aggressive. The female is dark brown.

The males are known for their boldness, notes the Audubon Society. The attacks happen during nesting time when the male is protecting the young.

“Adults are very aggressive in nesting territory, attacking larger birds that approach, and loudly protesting human intruders,” the Audubon Society notes.

So get ready to run or wear a hat if you are in the Port Credit Harbour this spring.

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