WATCH: Hamilton driver on Barton St. forces bus to brake and go on the curb


Published November 9, 2022 at 10:20 am

Another day, another Hamilton driver who thinks it is not their problem if a city bus driver has to hit the brakes, possibly spilling riders to the floor.

Early Tuesday afternoon, dashcam video shared by a local YouTuber shows an eastbound No. 2 bus on the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) was nearly struck by a driver. The latter not only made a late and abrupt right turn but did so from the left lane, crossing the front of the bus. The driver applied their brakes, and the vehicle’s inertia forced its right-side wheels onto the curb.

The dangerous turn was made near Gage Ave. and came after the driver had passed the slower-moving bus, meaning it would have been in the sightline of a responsible driver. Tuesday (Nov. 8) was also a clear day with dry road conditions.

The video was shared on YouTube by the My Little Hobby account, which said it planned to forward the video to HSR for insurance purposes. (As one commenter noted, “That looks like a couple of injury claims if you find a prudent lawyer.”)

The bus’s number, 2119, shows it was also part of the recent additions to the HSR fleet. The first two digits in HSR bus numbers indicate what year the bus was manufactured. The ’21 buses have been phased in over the past year.

(Cover image: YouTube / My Little Hobby.)

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