WATCH: Hamilton driver flips car making a very sharp right turn


Published August 8, 2022 at 11:40 am

Just out for a rip turned into just out for a flip for one Hamilton driver last weekend.

An alert Redditor captured video of the driver of an Infiniti G35 sedan making a very abrupt, very sharp right turn along Lake Ave. in Stoney Creek, in east Hamilton. The driver, as Redditors put it, “came in hot,” braked, and their right front tire caught the curb, which made the vehicle overturn and hit a utility pole.

“When we left everybody was ‘ok,’ ” said the poster, whose username is BaldBeardedButcher. “We were told they were walking and talking but visibly shook.”

Several backseat drivers at r/Hamilton (which is not affiliated with the City of Hamilton) offered a number of theories posited theories as to what caused the driver to flip their vehicle. Suggestions included the possibility the driver was trying to “drift” around the corner, and others pointed out that driver error was probably a bigger factor than speed.

While there were reportedly no major physical injuries, the incident may not do anything to improve Hamilton’s growing, statistically supported reputation for unsafe streets. The city collision report showed an increased injury rate from motor vehicle collisions in 2021, even though traffic volume over the entire year was relatively below-average due to COVID-19 health protections. Hamilton has also had 14 traffic deaths in the first seven months of 2022, surpassing the entire death toll on city streets from ’21 — which in itself was the highest count of the past decade.

“If someone else had been on that sidewalk and that pole not there; we’d be looking at another serious collision involving a pedestrian,” a Redditor observed.

(Source: r/Hamilton.)

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