Want to Make it Harder for Someone to Steal Your Bike in Mississauga?


With spring in full swing and summer on the horizon, you're probably thinking of breaking your bicycle out of storage and doing some riding (if you haven't already).

While cycling is incredibly fun, it does have its risks and one of those risks is theft. Too often, costly and much-loved bicycles are stolen out of garages, yards and off bike racks (makeshift and otherwise).

For that reason, Peel police are planning to launch an Online Bicycle Registration service that you will be able to access at peelpolice.ca.

According to police, officers send hundreds of recovered bicycles every year to auction when ownership cannot be determined. Now, residents are encouraged to register their bicycles with Peel Regional Police, as chances of a lost or stolen bicycle being returned are greatly increased with use of this program.  

Also, residents who register their bikes with Peel police will have the option to receive a bicycle registration sticker decal.  The sticker will serve to advertise that the bicycle is registered with police, and may provide a visual theft deterrent.

Citizens visiting the Bicycle Registration page will also have access to prevention and rider safety tips.

Speaking of tips, police are advising cyclists to use good quality locks (such as a hardened steel "U" shaped lock or steel chain and padlock), lock their bikes (including the wheels) to immoveable objects,   keep locks away from any hard surfaces, keep parts of the bike (such as the seat) with them, store their bike inside your garage or home (ensure your garage door is locked) and engrave identifying names, letters or numbers on the frame.

For more information, click here.

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