Walmart shares an interesting fact about Mississauga


If you live in Mississauga, you probably enjoy shopping at Walmart for groceries and other basic household necessities.

There's also a good chance you shop at the superstar for holiday-specific goods as well. 

Interestingly enough, Walmart Canada recently announced that Mississauga is the top-selling rose market for the brand.

Last year, the brand's Heartland Town Centre store was the top choice for residents who wanted to show their partner (or family member or friend) how much they appreciate them on Valentine's Day.

What are the most popular Valentine’s Day items at the location?

  • Plush toys
  • Valentine’s Day trading cards for school children
  • Novelty items (gag gifts)

Walmart Canada also says that Valentine’s Day shopping is a pretty last-minute thing, as the majority of the gift/rose shopping occurs one to two weeks before the holiday.

Walmart says the people of Mississauga actually purchased the most roses on Valentine's Day last year and are facing some steep competition from Pembroke, Brampton, Belleville, and Winnipeg for the top spot this year.

The brand says Mississauga is leading year-to-date purchases, but Thornhill is looking to overtake the lead spot.

"Let's hope this year's Valentine's Day in Mississauga is even more love-filled than the last," a Walmart spokesperson said in a statement. 

Will you help make Mississauga the number one spot for rose purchases on Feb. 14? 

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