Walmart facing criticism over All Lives Matter T-shirts


Published June 24, 2020 at 2:07 am


Walmart Canada has drawn the ire of the online community in relation to several T-shirts being sold through the company’s website.

Many Twitter users have voiced their displeasure with the fact that Walmart Canada is selling T-shirtssaying, “All Lives Matter,” and “Blue Lives Matter,” which are available exclusively online.

Many people feel the All Lives Matter movement undermines the message and work of the Black Lives Matter movement, which aims to shine a light on the mistreatment of people of colour—particularly members of the Black community—at the hands of police, as well as fighting systemic racism.

In response, Walmart Canada’s official Twitter account responded to some tweets explaining that the shirts are sold by a third-party, and that they are investigating the matter.

The third-party company, identified as Old Glory according to Walmart’s website, doesn’t appear to support either movement, as they are selling shirts that say, “Black Lives Matter,” and “I Can’t Breath,” as well as “All Lives Matter,” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

Cover photo courtesy of Walmart Canada’s website

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