Just after midnight there was a scary moments for passengers on Air Canada Airbus 320 as it went off the runway after landing on runway 15R at Pearson International Airport.
While a house fire is always terrible news, it’s always good to know Mississauga’s Fire and Emergency Services is there to extinguish the flames and rescue anyone in need of assistance—even furry family members. 
So, this was why the 401 was closed one night in October! 
This was definitely one of the wildest moments of the year in Mississauga. 
If you missed the supermoon, no need to worry—we’ve got a spectacular video just for you in three views! 
So, this is why the 401 was closed last night! 
Recently, the CB&C Leasing Inc. dealership (located on Royal Windsor Drive near Mississauga) reported that a Mercedes was stolen from their property.
A video of an over-enthusiastic Mississauga Steelheads fan has gone, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your perspective), viral. 
Mississauga residents had a difficult time driving last night when traffic lights stopped working intermittently in the Erin Mills area around 9:30 p.m.
It’s been a bad few weeks for fires in Mississauga!