WATCH: Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown chats CPC campaign allegations, LRT, $20K fine to city


Published August 19, 2022 at 10:57 am

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown chats CPC campaign allegations, LRT expansion, $20K fine to city, and more.

All questions:

Regarding allegations that your CPC campaign improperly used city staffers, the integrity commissioner was “unable to find that the Mayor breached the Code of Conduct” – what was your initial reaction to the report?

The integrity commissioner reports says that “in a number of cases an entry of vacation/lieu time was made retroactively” by city staffers working on your campaign – were any city employees instructed to make those changes after these allegations were made?

The big AMO conference wrapped up this week – what topped your “list of asks” from the other orders of government, and did you make any progress on upcoming projects?

What is the latest on the LRT expansion to the GO Station?

Council voted to change the bylaws around settlements following allegations councillor Dhillon used city funds to pay off a sexual misconduct lawsuit – what are your thought on Dhillon voting in support of that motion while shutting down motions to make the documents public?

Councillor Dhillon said he was seeking legal action against you regarding the allegations – has anything been filed, and are you standing by your statements?

What’s the latest on the $20,000 fine to the city over the recent illegal appointment motion? Will that be paid by taxpayers, or by the counsellors who supported the motion?

What’s the vibe like on council now following all the mudslinging between council members recently – is there any hope this council will be able to move forward in the best interest of Brampton?

Today is the nomination deadline to run for office in Brampton. Have you seen the list of contenders for your job, and are there any candidates that you think can give you a run for your money?

What words of advice do you have for any first time candidates running for a council seat in October?

Hypothetically speaking, if you weren’t mayor of Brampton and could have any job in the world, what would it be?

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