WATCH: Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown chats about the wild drama in Council this week

Published February 11, 2022 at 5:58 pm

Khaled Iwamura chat to Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown about the drama in City Council this week of Feb 11, 22.

It definitely wasn’t a normal week in Brampton’s City Council as we saw more then half of the council members not show up to two of there meetings in protest.

Khaled Iwamura asked Patrick Brown about what happened this week.

Here are the questions that were asked:

  • What’s your reaction to the six councillors who boycotted Wednesday’s meeting of council, and said that democracy in Brampton is “under siege”?
  • David Barrick is out as CAO, did he step down, or was he fired?
  • Were the protesting councillors calling for Barrick to be replaced?
  • Barrick has been a bit of a controversial figure – any regrets about bringing him on board in Brampton?
  • The 6 councillors said in a statement that recent meetings have been “like a scene from an authoritarian dictatorship” – did you chair those meetings? Are they taking aim at you with those comments?
  • There’s another special meeting scheduled for Feb. 22 – are you worried these council protests will continue?
  • With COVID restrictions easing and capacity limits are set to lift in a little over a month, and yesterday you said you’d like to see the province move faster with reopening – what would you want to see done differently?The backyard ice rink contest has come to a close – what did you think of the winning rinks?
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