VIDEO: Woman Attacked by Squirrel in Mississauga Store


Published July 26, 2019 at 5:56 pm


You don’t expect to see a squirrel when shopping in a store, and you really don’t expect it to lunge at you when you admonish it for trying to eat some delicious cookies it had no intention of paying for. 

A recent CityNews video depicts the hilarious and borderline terrifying moment that a hungry black squirrel decided to fight for its right to eat cookies undisturbed. 

The video, which CityNews shared on YouTube, was submitted to the news outlet by Sharon Kwok.

CityNews says the brief attack took place after Kwok began filming the furry thief inside an unnamed Mississauga store. 

Kwok told the news outlet that she was surprised to see the squirrel inside the store and decided to start filming.

After giggling over the unusual situation with a male companion, Kwok tried to discourage the squirrel from opening and then indulging in a container of brightly-coloured cookies.

Fed up with the attention, the squirrel jumps on Kwok, prompting her to shriek and flail. Her companion can be heard laughing uproariously in the background. 

There is no word on whether the squirrel paid for his or her sweet snack.

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