VIDEO: Watch the full solar eclipse turn day to night in Ontario


Published April 8, 2024 at 5:08 pm

solar eclipse ontario totality video 2024
Photo: Canadian Space Agency

The total solar eclipse seen across much of Ontario on Monday may have been a once-in-a-lifetime moment but you can relive the experience with footage of the rare stellar event.

The moon passed between the sun and the earth on Monday starting after 2 p.m. marking the first total solar eclipse in Ontario in 99 years.

Large crowds gathered in many parts of the province in the “path of totality,” or where the sun was completely covered during the eclipse, to get a glimpse of the once-in-a-lifetime stellar event including in Niagara Falls, Kingston and Hamilton.

A cloudy forecast threatened to put a damper on eclipse events, but many parts of the province and elsewhere in North America still got a decent look at the solar eclipse like this video of the totality in Hamilton obtained by

Staring at the sun at any time is dangerous and even more so during an eclipse, and several school boards across the province including the Peel District School Board moved PA days to give kids the day off from classes as a precaution.

Excitement and concern surrounding the eye-catching but potentially dangerous event also led Niagara Falls to declare a state of emergency ahead of the eclipse due to a staggering amount of visitors expected to descend on the city to watch the skies.

Bookings for Airbnbs increased 1,000 per cent for areas in the path of totality with Montreal and the Niagara Region two of the most popular destinations to view the eclipse.

Eclipse glasses also became a hot commodity with a rush to buy the safety items online.

The next total solar eclipse visible in Canada is expected to pass through western provinces in 20 years, but the phenomenon isn’t expected to happen again in the GTA for over 100 years.

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