Video: Transport truck goes up in flames in Caledon


Published April 30, 2023 at 12:22 pm

A recent video caught a transportation truck on fire in Caledon on Friday evening as crew members from the local fire department are seen working towards controlling the blaze.

On Friday (Apr. 28) shortly before 6 p.m., near Airport Rd./Mayfield Rd. in Caledon —an onlooker recorded a horrific incident in what appeared to be a transportation truck engulfed in flames as firefighters rushed to contain it.

For the duration of the clip, the front of the truck is seen completely burnt with heaps of black and grey smoke polluting the air. It seems the outer part of the container attached to the truck was not affected by the fire.

A firefighter is seen hosing down the front of the truck inching closer each time, while a few other crew members are making their way to the scene.

Police and fire truck sirens could also be heard in the distance.

As the fire crew worked on stopping the spread, there are several other trucks and vehicles parked in close proximity of the blaze. Luckily, none of them caught on fire.

Near the end of the video a firefighter crouches down with the hose and points it towards  what use to be the trucks front grill— several embers shoot out.

It is unknown when exactly the fire started and what caused it or if anyone sustained burn related injuries.

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