VIDEO: Students claim more than 100 ‘failed intentionally’ at Algoma University in Brampton


Published January 8, 2024 at 3:23 pm

Students at Algoma University in Brampton held a protest after they say they were intentionally given failing grades. (Photo: Naujawan Support Network via X)

Students at a Brampton university campus camped out in frigid weather to protest what they say were unfair failing grades handed out intentionally by their professor.

Last week videos posted on social media showed students with signs picketing at Algoma University’s Brampton campus claiming some 130 students were “failed intentionally” by one professor.

Some of the students are international learners from India who reportedly failed the Information Technology course for a second time and allege they were given deliberate failing grades on a theory paper, according to foreign media reports.

Winter weather and a weekend snowfall didn’t deter some students who stayed on the picket line with signs, some of which read “education is not for sale” and “unjust grades, our voices won’t fade” among others.

“The students are demanding a swift reassessment of their exams to verify that they did in fact pass the course, or a waiver of the $3,500 fee if they are forced to re-enroll,” said the Naujawan Support Network, a group committed to “ending the exploitation” of international students and workers.

The university addressed the student concerns saying the school “has contacted every student protesting grades from one specific instructor” and is launching an investigation led by Algoma’s dean of science, according to reports.

“Algoma University is taking your concerns very seriously and we want to sort this matter out very quickly, as we understand it’s stressful for you,” the university said in a post on X (formerly Twitter), adding that the school “will support each student through the process” and urging students to contact Algoma’s Dead  of Science if they have not already. has reached out to Algoma asking how many of the impacted students are international learners, but no response was immediately received.

Just last month, Algoma University signed onto the City of Brampton’s international student charter outlining a plan to make a positive difference in the lives of students in Brampton, including upholding ethical recruitment standards and practices, creating academic and wrap-around supports for learners and providing opportunities for legal and reliable work.

Canada’s international student program saw significant changes going into 2024 with the federal government more than doubling cost-of-living requirement for study permit applicants.

Hundreds of international students were facing deportation in June after applying for visas through a now-shuttered consulting company in India, many of which received fake offers of acceptance without their knowledge.

The scandal also prompted the feds to bring in a “recognized institution model” for post-secondary schools that have higher standards for services, supports and outcomes for international students in time for the next fall semester.

Posts on social media say the protesters will be out front of Algoma “24/7” until the matter is resolved.

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