VIDEO: Speeding car hits multiple vehicles on Highway 410 in Brampton


Published September 4, 2023 at 10:27 am

In a recent video posted on Saturday of an incident that reportedly occurred on Friday night (Sept. 1), a driver was captured travelling at a high speed along Highway 410 in Brampton, when the car collided with multiple vehicles, resulting in sparks and smoke —before coming to a halt.

The forty-second clip shows what appears to be a grey or silver car in the left lane going southbound on Bovaird Dr.

The speeding car briefly hits the brakes before smashing into the vehicle in front. The impact produces an explosion-like effect with sparks and smoke.

As the camera gets closer a white vehicle can be seen on the far left side of the highway in a ditch, where the vehicle appears badly crushed, facing the opposite direction of traffic.

A second and third vehicle move through the debris of the crash to the shoulder of the far left lane where they both stop.

A fourth vehicle maneuvers to the far right shoulder where it also stops.

Vehicle parts and glass can be seen scattered along the highway.

The speeding car is spotted several metres ahead, in the left lane, where it is facing the opposite direction of traffic. The car is in a tilted position, with its front end resting on the ground and the rear elevated.

Shortly after, a man is seen exiting the aftermath of the speeding car, and walks quickly across the highway to the right shoulder where he stops and observes the scene.

Police have not released any information regarding this incident, or if any of the occupants involved in the crash sustained injuries.

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