Video: Public meetings upcoming for new Niagara Falls water tank


Published October 5, 2022 at 10:45 am

The new, larger Niagara Falls water tower – or elevated tank, as the region’s engineers call it – is getting one step closer.

From October 13 to November 17, the first round of public meetings will take place on the project.

There will be a second round of public consultation meetings in February 2023, followed by the completion of the plans in April 2023.

The detailed design will be pulled together in 2023-2024 with construction slated for 2025 to 2028.

Said the region, “The Region’s 2016 Master Servicing Plan identified volume deficiencies at the Lundy’s Lane elevated tank and recommended the replacement of the tank with a new larger tank to provide additional system capacity to support growth and simplified pumping strategies.”

Presently, the Lundy’s Lane site is undergoing an Environmental Assessment, which will “define the problems and opportunities associated with the site, develop and evaluate alternative strategies, determine a feasible solution, and identify methods to avoid or minimize impacts on the community and natural environment.”

The Niagara Falls water tower (or elevated water storage, as engineers call it) at Lundy’s Lane will be dismantled sometime in 2025 and replaced with a larger one by 2028.

Long-time Niagara Falls residents may remember that the water tower used to have the name Stamford on it, rather than Niagara Falls.

That’s because Niagara Falls ended up being the sum total of many small townships.

Originally called Elgin, the community merged with Clifton in 1856 and was known by that name until 1881, when its name was changed to Niagara Falls. It was incorporated as a city in 1904.

In 1963, the city was greatly expanded when it merged with Stamford township.

If you want to see the entire plan, the region released this video:

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