VIDEO: Protesters dump manure outside Doug Ford’s office


Published December 23, 2019 at 3:16 pm

In a rather smelly act of civil disobedience, protesters drove up to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s local riding office and proceeded to dump piles of cow manure right in front of the building.

Ford’s constituency office is located at 823 Albion Road in his Etobicoke North riding. There are other businesses beside it such as an Immigration consulting office and a Roti place.The protesters are from an environmental group called Extinction Rebellion, and those specifically responsible for the manure dump say they’re from the group’s local chapter based out of Hamilton.

“We are protesting (Ford’s) government’s complete bungling of climate action initiatives. From killing Hamilton’s LRT to the (expensive!) cancelling of clean energy projects to his attempts to open the Greenbelt for development, it’s clear the premier is putting our children’s future in danger. We think that’s bullshit. #rebelforlife,” the group said on their Instagram post.

However, not everyone thought this means of protesting Ford’s environmental policies was the way to go.

Neither Ford nor his office offered any direct response, only wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and to have a more ‘productive and joyous time’ with their families.

It’s safe to say that for everyone’s benefit, we can count our blessings that the protesters didn’t use liquid manure…like a certain individual who made headlines a few weeks ago. Or that these protesters didn’t target actual people in this case.

Do you think this is an effective way of protesting government policies you don’t agree with?

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