VIDEO: Ontario Police Using Public Transit to Catch Distracted Drivers


Published November 26, 2016 at 4:41 pm


Ontario police have begun using a new method to catch distracted drivers: riding public transit.

A video recently posted by the National Post (seen below) shows this strategy in action. Sergeant Mark Von Wolde rides aboard a VIVA bus in York Region, looking out the window for any distracted drivers he sees and reporting their vehicle information.

“We can’t be everywhere at all times but if we’re able to make these observations on these main roadways, we know that the message will get out there,” Von Wolde says in the video. “I think in bringing in the public, bringing in our community partners, that will allow us to work together to ultimately lower the amount of distracted driving that’s out there.”

While he acknowledges that not everybody will think this method is fair, he believes it’s a necessary way to catch unsuspecting drivers without alerting them to the presence of a police car.

So unless you want to see yourself paying a nasty fine for distracted driving, make sure to drive safely at all times! You can also check here for more information on what constitutes distracted driving.


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